This blog is the product of my addiction to coffee.

Not really…though I did come up with the idea in a Starbucks.  Really this blog serves the purpose of providing a different outlook into the field of engineering that one might not normally take.  My name’s Dan, and I’m currently an engineering student in the US…but I also love to read, play the piano, and write (obviously).  I’ve always thought that engineering was a fascinating subject, but putting the word beautiful to it has never been an easy task.  When most people think of beauty they think of artwork, or a dancer performing a new ballet, or maybe a work of literature that has always been a favorite.

Yet, I like to think of my work as beautiful in an odd way too.  I find beauty in mathematical proofs, statistical models, project-concept designs, manufacturing, and much more!  So this blog is a way for me to try and express the beauty in what I do, such that one can see the world of an engineer through a different lens.  Maybe you’ll buy it, maybe you won’t, but all in all, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my posts, and help bring some beauty into my world as well.



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